• Maa Thota

    MaaThota under Tribal Development Fund (TDF) supported by NABARD-APRO Hyderabad
    We opined to create sustainability at 500 families through Maathota program for their livelihoods. Certainly, it creates a hope among these communities. Moreover, green cover will also develop and it leads to ecological balance. Thus, we began concentrating on Maathota activity......

  • Farmers Producer Organizations (FPOs)

    Simply speaking ‘farmers, it does not mean that farming people (any primary producer can be called as farmer) coming together and become a union to get legitimate price for their produce to strengthen by themselves can be called as FPO’.

    When they become a FPO (union) their bargaining capacity would automatically improve......

  • Natural Farming

    If we say in one word i.e., ‘Ancient method of cultivation’ cultivation without application of any chemical fertilizers & Pesticides.

    Due to global warming & various ailments to humane and soil erosion and less productivity etc., the term of ‘Organic farming’ came into lime light at cultivation to solve the above problems.
    This would be the harmless in any form moreover; it helps to protect the environment, stops soil erosion and improves qualitative as well good yielding.

  • Organic Farming & Certification

    Cultivating fields without application of chemical fertilizers & pesticides and apply only vermin compost, Jeevaammrutham, Beejaammnrutham, Bio-fertilizers, Neem oil & Neem cake etc.

    As of now we are hearing frequently everywhere in the society that, the term ‘Organic’ at eatable items. For more productivity applying chemical fertilizers....

  • Millets Project

    From the ancient times the tribal communities in the agency area are used to produce and eat Millets as their daily bread till a decade ago. Due to so called civilization, one rupee a Kilo subsidy Rice & involves more human drudgery at ready to cook made these people to reduce at production and by & large stop to eat.

  • Establishment of Rural Mart

    The objective of the shop is to make the things easier to farmers to sale their produce & to supply the qualitative items to consumers at a reasonable rate.

    This is a shop on the road side at Lambasingi in Chintapalli Mandal of Visakhapatnam district in Andhra Pradesh....

  • Construction of Rural Haats

    Weekly markets conduct in general at rural haats built for that particular purpose. Weekly market is almost a lifeline and festival to the people in tribal areas to sale the items had with them and intern to buy their domestic needs required for about a week. Around 10 KMs away hundreds of people come to this market place....

  • Mutual Aided Cooperative Thrift Societies (MACTS)

    The main concept of this program is to avoid harassment from Money lenders and to create empowerment to women.
    Women only inducted as members in this MACTS; they are the decision makers as Board of Directors.
    These members can save some amount monthly in the name of ‘Thrift’. On the other hand they can avail loan at a simple rate of interest on their group member’s assurance.

  • Relief Activities

    We are ever ready to serve the people at our best at times of natural calamities like Cyclone, Floods, Fire accidents, Pandemics etc.
    During 2006 August Cycle in our G.K.Veedhi & Chintapalli Mandals in Visakhapatnam district, we assisted the people a lot by supplying Food provisions, seeds for cultivation and health services at large with the help of AJWS-USA, thousands of people been benefited under this program.

  • Support Us

    You might have understood our zeal towards community from the above. You were most welcome to visit our institution at any time and extend your voluntary services. Your donations will be accepted as per your will and wish to any of the programs stated in our site or else, you feel necessary to introduce in our area which benefits the people...


Girijana Vikas Swatchanda Seva Samstha

We are quite happy that, you were visiting our website. Ours is a voluntary organization and working from G.K.Veedhi since 2001 by taking up various programs needed to these tribal communities in the agency area of G.K.Veedhi, Chintapalli & Koyyuru Mandals as well as urban areas of Narsipatnam, Golugonda, Kotauratla, Rolugunta & Makavarapalem Mandals in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh, India. We mainly focused on Primitive Tribal Groups (PTGs), Schedule Tribes (ST), Scheduled Castes (SCs) and rural poor.

Projects & Reports

* A Note on Bio-Deiversity

* Organic Certification to Coffee Growers

* FPOs - Master Data

* (Report)Exposure Visit Under CAT (Supported By NABARD)

* (Report) Rural Haat

Very recently we published a book called “The 2 decade’s journey of Girijana Vikas

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